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Leadership is the skill of motivating, guiding and empowering a team towards a socially responsible vision. Topeka West believes in The Social Change Model of Leadership. We believe that by fostering students individual strengths, and examining leadership theory our students will begin to see their potential as leaders. We also believe that by implementing those newly found skills in community action projects, we can begin to grow leaders in the city of Topeka for positive change.

Topeka West and Washburn University's Leadership Institute have partnered to provide Topeka West Students with a unique opportunity. Starting in the Fall of 2015, Topeka West Students may take Leadership Studies III as a dual credit option through Washburn University for a reduced fee. Students who elect to take the course for dual credit will have met the requirements for the entry-level course in Washburn's Leadership Studies Certificate or Leadership Minor. For more information see: Leadership Studies Academic Programming

Leadership Courses at Topeka West:

1470 LEADERSHIP STUDIES 1 (S) 9, 10, 11, 12

This introductory course to leadership will focus on the habits of effective leadership combined with self-reflection. Students will also explore different models of leadership and leaderships styles as well as identify their own leadership style tendencies. Students will plan and execute service learning initiatives in their community. Students will identify an issue on campus, and plan for a solution to the issue through a campus action project.

1471 LEADERSHIP STUDIES 2 (S) 11, 12 Prerequisite: Leadership Studies 1 (1470) and consent

Students will integrate their learning from Leadership Studies I and their continued work in their leadership focus area courses to complete a Community Action Project. Outcomes include development of individual and interpersonal leadership skills, teamwork and collaboration skills, and an understanding that leadership is more than the exercise of power. They will also learn techniques for embracing and leading change are practiced in a semester-long change project that students will conduct with a community partner in their area of focus.

1472 LEADERSHIP STUDIES 3 (S) 11, 12 Prerequisite: Student must have a 3.0 GPA to meet Washburn's dual-credit enrollment policy

A survey of leadership theories and introduction to the academic study of leadership using contexts of the leadership process and case studies; requires identifying personal leadership potential, articulating a personalized leadership theory, and applying leadership concepts in a Campus Action Project. This college level -course may be taken for dual high school and college credit. The college credit will be granted by Washburn University, which charges a reduced tuition fee for each credit hour.

Leadership Studies Graduation Distinction Requirements:

Starting with the class of 2017, students at Topeka West can earn a distinction on their diploma denoting their completion of Leadership Studies Programming.

To receive the Leadership Studies diploma designation (a phrase equating to high honors, like emphasis on), a student must complete a minimum of the following:

*Distinction will be available starting with the class of 2017

  1. Leadership Studies I-
  2. Leadership Studies II *Leadership Studies I and II cannot be taken concurrently
    • Applications due October 15th and March 15th
  3. 25 Hours of Community Service Junior Year
  4. 25 Hours of Community Service Senior Year
  5. Leadership Studies students who are interested in receiving distinction must declare an academic focus area of of leadership. To complete your focus area requirements, you must complete 4.0 credits in your focus area and maintain a B average in those focus area courses. Classes in your focus area must include TPS requirements, along with the electives that would fulfill 4.0 total credits.

Students may choose to focus on one of the following disciplines to declare their academic focus in leadership.

Following Disciplines

The table below denotes a SAMPLE focus area curriculum


Social Studies Focus Area



1)World History or Honors World History

2)U.S. History 1 or Pre-Advanced Placement U.S. History 1

3)U.S. History 2 or Advanced Placement U.S. History 1

4)U.S. History 3 or Advanced Placement U.S. History 2

5)U.S. Government or Advanced Placement U.S. Government & Politics






Electives (You must take two)

1) Current Social Issues

2) Economics

3) Ethnic Studies

4) Psychology

5) Issues In Psychology

6) Sociology

7) Advanced Placement European History *This is a two semester course that will fulfill the elective portion of your designation








For more information please contact Ms. Nash OR Visit the Leadership Studies Website

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